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Project Status

VersionIterationDate Size 
9.1 9.1-1.64.17-last_update November 26 2019 08:47:17 EST5EDT 13G 
9.0 9.0-1.58.10-last_update September 30 2019 20:44:39 EST5EDT 11G 
8.5 8.5-1.52.15-last_update August 08 2019 14:43:42 EST5EDT 9.5G 
8.4 8.4-1.32.1 March 06 2019 09:59:07 EST5EDT 7.1G 
8.3 8.3-1.17.0 January 07 2019 07:05:05 EST5EDT 7.3G 

Last Log

New release 9.1-1.64 (video call and "nouveau" driver)

Sunday, November 24 2019

This release include:
jami-gnome :A Voice/Video-over-IP software phone
webcamoid :The ultimate webcam suite
Linux kernel :5.3.11

We used jami-gnome client connected to an Asterisk server to have
voice AND video call to be carried oversea.

We backtracked about the "nouveau" driver. It is now
white listed. If your NVIDIA graphic is not properly
working, you need to fully blacklist the "nouveau" driver,
reboot in command mode (level3) and install package

Program available in this release are listed here
(970 packages)

Here is the procedure to upgrade to 9.1-1.64.

As root user:
# zypper --releasever 9.1 refresh
# zypper --releasever 9.1 update osukiss-release
# ok_upgrade